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Creating 4-5-4 Calendar with Power Query

This post is a continuation of the my previous post about how to create a 4-4-5. Please read here on how to use this function:

The M code I am sharing is one I have created which allows me to quickly and dynamically create a 4-5-4 calendar whenever I need it. 


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  1. Thank you very much!!! I have a question, On 445 calendar there are some years with 53 weeks. Do you have any solution for that years?
    Than you again!

    1. Hi Gabriel! This is a natural consequence of having 53 weeks sometimes since a business year spans 364 days. Perhaps what you are after is not a 445 calendar?

  2. what if the year always starts on sunday?

  3. Hi,
    I love it and thanks a lot.
    I have some questions related in the display (Fiscal and Calendar):
    a) In my organisation, my week starts Friday to end on Thursday. In PBI when I display by day of week it comes alphabetic order. Ideally it will need to start on Friday, Sat, Sun… till Thursday. Any code I need to modify to fix it
    b) When I display by Week or Period, I always have the issue with the Weeks 11-19 come between Week 1 and week 2. Will it be possible to have the weeks period displayed with a double digit as Week 01…etc

    Thanks for your assistance

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